Our Serve Ministry is made up of South Florence Baptist

Teams and Committees.

“As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another,

as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”         1 Peter 4:10


Worship Teams

Baptismal Team— Assists the Pastor and those who are scheduled for baptism. 

First Impressions Team— Welcome visitors and members to SFBC and assist with any special needs they may have.  

Communion Team — Oversees and prepares The Lord’s Supper Table for each Communion. 

Usher Team — Receive offerings and distribute literature during services.

Audio Visual Team — Operate our sound, media, and lighting systems during church services. 


Fellowship & Service

Church-Wide Fellowship Team — Plans church-wide activities, promoting unity and fellowship among all members.

Decorating Team — Decorate SFBC for Christmas and other special occasions.  

Bereavement Meals Team — Provide meals for church families when immediate family members pass away.

Library Team — Maintain our church’s library.

Recreation Team — Provide games and activities during church-wide fellowships.

Wednesday Night Meals Team— Prepare and serve meals during the school year. 

Outdoors Ministry Team— Plan outdoor activities and day trips.  

Showers Team — Provide church-wide showers for weddings and first-born babies.

SideKicks Senior Ministry Team— Plan activities, dinners, worship services, retreats, and trips for our members who are 55 years old and older.



Benevolence Team— Investigate benevolence requests and respond accordingly, spending as budgeted by the church.

Constitution Team— Ensure that our church’s Constitution and Bylaws are  current. 


Safety Team — Stand watch during church services and other special events to ensure the safest possible environment and assist in emergencies.  


Stewardship Team — Prepares and submits to the church a proposed budget for each fiscal year.  Audit income and expenditures throughout the year to ensure proper operation of the budget.


Personnel Team — Employ all church staff members and recommend salary and other benefits.


Teller Team— Count and deposit all tithes and offerings.


Transportation Team— Maintain church buses, arranging repairs and preventative maintenance as needed.


Nominating Team— Prayerfully select and enlist church leaders for volunteer positions in each ministry area


Daycare Team— Is a liaison between the church and our daycare, helping to formulate operational guidelines and financial needs.


Trustee Team — Legal agents of our church. Maintain  legal documents and counsel with other teams concerning legal matters.


Building & Grounds Team—Make sure the church   buildings and grounds are well maintained.    


Discipleship & Outreach

Iron-Men Ministry Team —  Plan men’s Bible studies, special events, and fellowships to effectively minister to the men of our church.


KidsTown Ministry Team  – Plan curriculum, activites, and events for our children from birth through Sixth Grade.    


Life Group Leaders — Lead weekly Life Groups that go deeper into sermon series.  


Life University Leaders — Lead seminary level Biblical studies.


Outreach Team — Plan and coordinate with other ministry teams to lead events that reach out into our surrounding community.


Refuge Student Ministry Team — Plan curriculum, activities, and events for our students from the Seventh through the Twelfth Grade.  


SFBC Women’s Ministry Team — Plan Bible studies, special events, and fellowships designed especially for women.


Sunday School Ministry Team — Dedicated teachers who lead weekly Bible lessons.


Vacation Bible School Ministry Team — Leaders who are in charge of planning yearly VBS events.